.Hi!!! My name is Makiba and I am a Wife to a wonderful husband and a mother of three beautiful children. Theres no need to guess that I am busy and in demand all the time. I love to sing , bake, read, walk and make sure I am always reading up on the latest information on health and nutritional information for myself and loved ones.

Unfortunately , I have battled many health challenges in my life personally and with my family. From Diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Multiple sclerosis, cancer, seizures and Lymes Disease, I have witnessed family and friends suffer more than I would care to see. This has been the catalyst for my walk with God in understanding his plan for me nutritionally and then to share this information with others. I have learned that if food is the major component in the overall functionality of the body I need to look more into what I am eating. I believe that symptoms are indicative of major health issues and instead of treating the symptoms lets look at the cause of those symptoms.

Using the 8 Laws Of Health; Nutrition, Exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God (NEWSTART), I have been able to aid my body in the healing process, only through Gods remedial methods. Most of these methods I have had to spend copiuos amounts of time in the Kitchen, using a whole food plant based diet and alot of patience…and Im still learning! Gen 1:29 tells us that God has given us a plant based diet for our first parents and I believe that he knew what He was doing because “…we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The Healers Kitchen is just what it implies. That God can supply all of our nutritional needs right in our own kitchens to combat the  onslaught of diseases that we face with His method, His foods and his healing properties in those foods. Even Hippocrates said there was food before there was medicine. Join me in providing your family the quality of life through “The Healers Kitchen”.



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