Apple Peels Turn on Anti cancer Genes By Dr. Michael Greger, M.D.


Eating apples seems to be such a chore now-a-days! With all the coatings of chemicals, pesticides, toxins, animal fat like lard  and GMO craziness, anyone would be scarred to eat anything if you can’t eat and enjoy a simple apple in peace. I know people who peel all their apples because they are just not convinced that the nutritional properties in the skin, like Pectin, are even worth trying to consume compared to all of the other  chemicals on the apple for their health.

This article by Dr Michael  Greger, M.D., lets us know that with all the attention to the chemical war fare over our plant based foods, we can still expect the God given, nutritional properties to contribute to the nourishment and overall health of our bodies. The cancer fighting properties contained within an apple are superior in their suppresive reaction with tumors and other cancerous cells. Take a bite out fo this information and remember that an apple a day really can keep the Dr away….skin peel and